The Philip K. Dick Film Festival

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EXCERPT: Calling all sci-fi video enthusiasts! The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival will be returning to New York City in January 2016, and they are in need of some new submissions. [...] They are looking for films that push the cinematic form to new levels of creativity and originality without sacrificing narrative cohesion and with an eye to the ineffable. They look at films that challenge the viewers reality with ideas and concepts not normally found in conventional stories. If you think you have the winning video for the Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival, then start your submissions now!

[...] The mission of the Philip K. Dick Film Festival is to promote original or adapted material inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick, Jorge Luis Borges, Italo Calvino, Robert Anton Wilson, Franz Kafka, and others who have explored the metaphysical, the eerie in all its manifestations.

[...] Philip K. Dick wrote mind-bending stories that explored sociological, political, and metaphysical themes. Dick published 44 novels and over one-hundred short stories. Numerous Philip K. Dick stories have been turned into films. One of his most famous books, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, was recently released as a graphic novel for a new generation....

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