It takes a lot of energy for machines to learn

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You want internet, you want AI, you want less carbon in the air? Time to start capturing CO2 and put it back in the ground.

From another thread: 
Quote:Have read that on average every e-mail contributes 7 grams ghg. A short email 3-4 grams whereas one with photo up to 50 grams. Same article said this is equivalent to driving an average car/vehicle 52 feet. Not sure if text & email same thing but i think they are.. Anyways I didn’t do the math but looks like a significant daily tally. Makes me wonder if we’ll replace fossil fuel’s contribution with something else as time goes by. Maybe we should just start adapting to what’s ahead 

Can't imagine how much energy required or carbon produced in a world full of AI.
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(Jan 14, 2021 05:19 AM)Leigha Wrote: ''Something's gotta give'', as they say.

Yes, indeed. And it won't be AI that surrenders its slice (at least over the long haul).

It's a contest between human energy consumers (trying to stay alive/comfortable) and artificial energy consumers which are taking over more and more work -- both competing for their share of the power supply pie. People will become less important in the grander scheme as smart machines continue to fill their job roles.

Propaganda will swing heavily to radically reducing the rate of births (well beyond the decrease that is voluntarily occurring): A noble, sacred cause for communities to adopt. Similar to how social justice agenda was integrated with climate change agenda, to make both more holy and resistant to criticism. The sacredness of population control will eventually be added to the Green package.

Techno-elite affluence is still guiding the course of the world, no matter how many billionaires superficially cater to woke, climate change, environmentalism and equity/socialism. Market forces incrementally infiltrate and control those narratives, just as they've done over the past fifty years. Such pursues contingent objectives that are independent of both left and right dogmas.

So not unsurprisingly, even green technology is quasi-bogus. It accrues funding and support from mining, oil and gas companies. Relies on traditional carbon energy sources to manufacture it, as well fabricated components requiring raw resources taken from the environment, and its installations being intrusive on natural landscapes.
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(Jan 15, 2021 02:50 AM)confused2 Wrote: kp m sht

^^^ save energy by keeping emails short. Might have seemed more relevant on a different thread.

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