Solar storms + Strange signals & parallel universe revived + We're ready for aliens

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Solar storms could light up the skies in the United States tonight and tomorrow

SUMMARY POINTS: A powerful solar storm could produce an aurora visible from multiple US states this week. The lights could be visible as far south as Nebraska, which is a rare treat. There’s no guarantee that the storm will materialize, but if it does (and clouds are sparse) there will be lots of eye candy in the skies. (MORE - details)

"Astronomy" digs it up again: Are strange space signals in Antarctica evidence of a parallel universe?

EXCERPT: Last spring, a report from the world’s largest neutrino telescope — a sprawling grid of detectors woven into Antarctica’s ice — coincided with a blaze of hyperbolic headlines. They teased the possibility of an anti-universe where, from our point of view, time runs backward and the Big Bang represents an end, not a beginning. While it’s too soon to start searching for our reverse-aging, other-handed doppelgängers, physicists are still wrestling with strange signals coming in from space that, to date, have defied easy explanation.

[...] The new findings, published March in The Astrophysical Journal, mean scientists have to continue looking for less obvious explanations. Some have proposed that the anomalies arose from radio waves bouncing through caverns or buried lakes in the ice. Other theorists proposed more exotic ideas, such as that the heavy, high-energy particles in line with ANITA’s data may describe one candidate for dark matter — the mysterious stuff that’s believed to make up 85 percent of the matter in the universe but has never been detected. Still others hypothesize that the exotic particles fit an existing theoretical model of a parallel universe — one that is symmetric to ours, but populated with antimatter and running backward... (MORE - details)

I Think We're Ready for Aliens

EXCERPT (Steven Novella): Perhaps one of the weakest excuses is the notion that extraterrestrial aliens exist and are visiting the Earth, but their presence is being covered up because “the world just isn’t ready for them.” [...] These claims were ... recently repeated by “retired Israeli general and current professor Haim Eshed.” He claims that Israel and the US have been in contact with aliens for years...

I don’t know if something is being lost in translation here [...] but I think we know what space is, and have a pretty good idea what spaceships are. The claim that there will be “mass hysteria” is, of course, unfalsifiable (until we actually do encounter space aliens). ... I also don’t think it’s terribly plausible.

[...] My problem with these claims is that ... The story never quite holds together. So – aliens are in talks ... and the governments are cooperating, but they let this guy spill the beans? This, of course, also requires that Trump has the discipline to keep the biggest story of all time a secret. No, sorry. ... You could alternatively speculate that the aliens are using their influence, or perhaps technology, to keep any humans who know about them from confirming their existence – but then again, how did this guy slip through the cracks?

And what, exactly, are they discussing with world leaders? [...] They want us to know that nuclear war is bad. No, really? Thanks for the head’s up. ... This forever in-between state of implausible conspiracies just doesn’t make sense. I would further point out that these claims go back at least to the 1960s, so how long do the aliens feel they need to tease us with the possibility of their presence before we are “ready”? ... I could buy an argument that ... an alien species might, out of respect, not wish to interfere with our natural development. ... In this case, they will not ... be ... trusting that some retired general will not reveal all their secrets. We would simply be completely unaware of their existence...

[...] Eshed makes this claim: "The 87-year-old former space security chief gave further descriptions about exactly what sort of agreements have been made between the aliens and the US, which ostensibly have been made because they wish to research and understand 'the fabric of the universe'."

They flew across the galaxy because they need our help in understanding the “fabric of the universe”? [...] bad sci fi, free of any evidence, and thoroughly unconvincing... (MORE - details)

Leaked Government Image from 2018 Features “Cube-Like” UFO

EXCERPT: According to The Debrief’s report, which comes via Popular Mechanics, the DoD leaked the unclassified image [...] Despite the less than ideal picture, however, it’s possible to make out some details. The UAP’s shape, in fact, is familiar to atmospheric researchers, as it resembles a dropsonde. A dropsonde is a weather reconnaissance device scientists drop out of airplanes. The scientists drop them at altitude above water inside of a storm to track its condition.

The Debrief also says it’s possible the UAP in the photo is some kind of “military radar-reflector” or research balloon. The organization says it spoke with two defense officials, however, and they described it as having flight dynamics uncharacteristic for a balloon. Most notably, the object was reportedly completely motionless, despite ambient air currents.

In response to the “leak,” the Pentagon told The Debrief that, in so many words, it couldn’t comment. Which, while certainly not the shock of the century, does leave the door open for lots of potential hypotheses. Many of which should probably focus on other humans, considering their penchant for building strange sky mobiles... (MORE - details)

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