Anyone else having mobile device issues with Scivillage?

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A member mentioned a smartphone rendering problem with respect to "All the text, or almost all the text isn't visible off the right side of the screen.". Which is affecting ability to even PM, much less post on the forum.

Should have inquired what particular brand, OS, and so forth the member is using -- but it has absentmindedly dawned on me late to report this (i.e., I was too inclined at the time to just pass it off as a temporary issue maybe emerging from tweaks to the site).
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I'm still having trouble with replying. Third times a charm but it's getting annoying.
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As the proud owner of a second smartphone I looked at the site and assumed it must be me. I am reluctant to ask Stryder to even look at it because (a) the site is marvellous (b) I'll probably lose the smartphone (like what happenned to the first one) within a few days. So didn't think the site was going to work too well on my smartphone but I didn't mind.
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Admitted the site software was made back before mobiles became so mainstream, so the core design to the templates isn't optimised for phones as standard. I've made some changes in the past to be a little more accommodating for devices that aren't PC but it's awkward to test things as I don't personally use phones etc.

However that doesn't mean I won't try to remedy the problem if I can.

How do people view the forum when using a phone? Do you use the screen horizontally or vertically? (having the phone with the longest dimensions from left to right tends to allow more horizontal view space)
Some prefixed dimensions or positions might be different on phones, so I will have to pay more attention to try to deal with the text either not showing, showing too small or in the wrong place.

As for Secular's problem, from what I can tell if it's the same problem as previous it was and is down to the site having issue with too much traffic. This might either be at the site level but is more likely at the host level. I will have a further look into it to see if I can delve deeper on the problem.

I'll see if I can look into this and other issues once I've rolled out an update for the site software which is due (luckily I put it off last week as another updates been issued)
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I just got a new cell phone and tried to log in with it. Scivillage kept telling me that my username and my password didn't match. I tried every password that I can remember using and none of them worked. (I'm convinced that one of them was the right one.) Then it told me that I'd used up all my allotted log in attempts. So fifteen minutes later I broke down, used the 'forgot my password' feature and requested a new one. Had the devil's own time making that work and in the meantime I'd disabled my laptop that I normally use. I was starting to fear that I'd never post here ever again. But finally I got in with the laptop using the random password the board sent me and reset the password to what I remembered it as being. When I tried logging in with that password from the new cellphone, fate smiled upon me and after a titanic hour-long struggle, the new cell phone was finally recognized as being me.

All's well that ends well.

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