Only 6% want return to pre-pandemic economy (UK) + Top racist victims in UK + Podcast

PODCAST: "Liberals hate black people they can’t patronise" (UK)

Just 6% of UK public 'want a return to pre-pandemic economy'

EXCERPTS: Only 6% of the public want to return to the same type of economy as before the coronavirus pandemic, according to new polling, as trade unions, business groups and religious and civic leaders unite in calling for a fairer financial recovery. [...] a YouGov poll shows that 31% of people want to see big changes in the way the economy is run coming out of the crisis, with a further 28% wanting to see moderate changes and only 6% of people wanting to see no changes. It also showed 44% of people were pessimistic when they thought about the future of the economy, while only 27% were optimistic. Forty-nine percent thought the crisis had made inequality worse...(MORE - details)

Ethnic Chinese are the most common victims of racism in the UK according to a YouGov poll

EXCERPTS: People from Chinese backgrounds living in the UK are more exposed to racist comments than any other ethnic minority group in Britain, according to a recent YouGov poll into racism. The UK data specialists interviewed over 1,200 people from Britain's Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities about issues of racism in the UK between 10 and 17 June 2020.

It found that some 76 percent of ethnic Chinese questioned said they had experienced someone using a racial slur directly against them on at least one occasion. 60 percent said that it had happened to them multiple times, much higher than the average percentage across all ethnic minorities at just 31 percent.

The report has been released at a moment when the UK is being forced to come to terms with its history of colonialism and modern-day manifestations of racism [...] A 2011 census showed that just under 400,000 people from Chinese ethnic backgrounds were living in England and Wales at the time, some 0.7 percent of the UK's population. But recently, members of the community have been heavily targeted since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus... (MORE - details)

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