UK hospital patients: No differences by ethnicity in COVID-19 mortality rate?

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EXCERPT: . . . should hospitals protect black, Asian and minority ethnic healthcare workers by taking them off the front line? Dr John Wright of Bradford Royal Infirmary considers these questions in his latest diary. [...] Measuring the risk of death from Covid in hospital.

People face a number of risks, from exposure and infection, to the risk of ending up in hospital, and then the ultimate risk of dying. We have looked at the last of these - the risk of dying in hospital - among the first 1,276 patients at Bradford Royal Infirmary who were tested for Covid-19.

Of the 464 patients who tested positive, mortality was 23%, which is lower than some of the national study results, and crucially we've found no evidence of differences by ethnicity. This is timely and reassuring evidence for our communities... (MORE - details)

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