These newly discovered mushrooms look like little humans

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EXCERPT: You would be mistaken for thinking you are looking at a group of tiny dolls. But these weird, human-shaped things are actually a newly discovered species of mushroom. With fleshy heads, arms and legs, they look like pretty fun guys (sorry, we had to). Discovered by Jonathan Revett in Cockley Cley, Norfolk, they have been given the name geastrum britannicum – which reflects the fact they are unique to the UK....
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They are earthstars. The most mysterious of fungi.

I once found a rare earthstar on a country lane, in the middle of the tarmacked road.
Geastrum berkeleyi.
Someone must have picked it and threw it away.
Where I live, it was previously unrecorded, and thought at the time to be extinct in the UK.

Does that count as having found one?
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[Image: Geastrum+berkeleyi2.jpg]

[Image: Geastrum+berkeleyi2.jpg]

Geastrum berkeleyi 

This is how rare Geastrum berkeleyi is.
Someone in Poland wrote a scientific paper when he found one.

But is finding a discarded example, as in my case, really a sighting?
I thought not, and threw it away myself further up the road to torment someone else.

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