Daytime Satellites

Cloudless sky, looked up and saw a white object dart across the sky. Very fast, all of 5 seconds from seeing it in southern sky until it disappeared towards the north. Didn’t want to jump to conclusions but I thought it had to be a man made satellite reflecting Sun’s rays as it vanished high in the sky, well before the horizon.

Now I’ve seen satellites in the night sky but none moved as fast as this daytime sighting nor did they seem as low in the sky. So I checked out and found something on iridium flares or old communication satellites.  Apparently they move fast and are not as high up so perhaps that’s the explanation. They’re also on the way out, being de-orbited and who knows maybe I just saw one burn up.
It's sure going to get crowded up there in the coming years, what with one numerous satellite constellation after another. Round the clock testimony of super-high, zooming speed "I saw something!".
2 or 3 months back i read something from a few months before that ...

any news about that satellite someone blew up with a rocket to prove they could hit one ?
i heard many were not very impressed with it spreading such a large debris field.

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