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Here's Mauricio's (of RGV Aerial Photography) aerial photo of Masseys, inside an algae filled oxbow lake with Starbase in the distance and Mexico right across the Rio Grande river. The gun range (it's Texas!) that used to occupy the property before SpaceX bought it has moved to a new location down the road in the direction of Brownsville.

The site has been used by SpaceX for storage, but more recently two big cryo tanks have been moved there and tanker trucks have been delivering liquid nitrogen. (One is visible doing that in this photo.) It's speculated that SX will conduct pressure tests on test tanks here without interfering with operations at the launch site. The tall tower on the left was there before SpaceX arrived and is a cell-phone tower.

The nosecone structural test cage is to the tower's right, with the e-dome test tank to the cage's right. The 7.1 test tank is towards the camera. The two horizontal cryo tanks are sort of earth colored and behind 7.1 with a tanker truck just to their left. It isn't believed that any more tests remain for 7.1 (that might be wrong) and that it's destined to become a water tank.

There's also speculation that Raptor engine servicing and maybe even static fires may occur here as well, so engines that need work don't have to be transported all the way to and from McGregor, all the way up by Waco.

[Image: FdcHJpBXkAEQvzK?format=jpg&name=4096x4096]

[Image: FdcHJpBXkAEQvzK?format=jpg&name=4096x4096]


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