Scivillage changes.

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Well It's slowly getting spidered, I've been doing some tweaks behind the scenes to try and fix a few errors that existed initially. (Some from the software used, some from my own divination.)

I've switched the site back to being "Cloudflare", if you have any problems logging in just email webmaster@ this domain to tell me. (hopefully it won't cause any issues, since it's mostly been rigged for performance rather than security.)
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The coverage is very patchy, and it doesn't seem to have improved much since the site began.
If you can't get the site fully webbed with your skills Stryder, then it is a difficult task.
For forums, I'd guess that probably 100 fail for every success.

The lack of new members from outside of SF indicates that SV is currently failing to gain traction.
Just what do you have to do to create a site which is linked to?
Perhaps it is a matter of patience. Or paying maybe.
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The internet is an every changing world, unfortunately some of those changes I will refuse to embrace (I will not place the Mobile industry as a primary design consideration) The reason for this is a bit like reinventing the wheel, there are countless sites out there that embrace mobiles with far more technical competency than I could ever muster, for me to try to compete would itself be a fools errand.

That is of course I wanted to compete, however I find mobile phones a nuisance. It's not that I am incapable of using them, it's that I know there's too much radiological pollution caused by their networks and not enough consideration made for those people that could do without their existence in their environment. (I believe there is probably hundreds of thousands of Tinnitus cases caused by mobiles and their networks, that is currently going misdiagnosed. Considering their networks are always on and always broadcasting. )

If I'd launched the forum back in 1999, there would have likely been more interest. There would have been no social networking site trying to "connect people". (Although their true mission is business, to make money, to collect information to either tailor advertisement to those that will purchase what is being advertised or through collecting information to be sold on through a third-party clause. That's where the agenda for the NSA/GCHQ spying on a larger number of people to collect evidence on specific people or create cases where cases didn't exist.)

I've seen my fair share of how people rise through the ranks of specific organisation through their sociopathic manipulation of others to either become self-destructive or aid in the destruction of others to know that I do not want to follow suit.

Knowledge isn't just power, it's a weapon that can be mis-wielded with those that are already are seen to hold power already being fully aware of how to abuse it.

I guess you can say that my inner Anarchist rives in agony at trying to pit what is a "Good Business Practice" versus what is morally self-ratifying. This forum however isn't a business, it's a personal thing, something I've wanted to do. It's not here to make money, it's not that I have too much of the stuff (far from it) it's that my person understanding of who I am dissuades me from becoming apart of the "norm". It's a perplexing state considering how social my anti-social traits fray.
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There is a new version for this particular forum software in the pipelines, which will hopefully will bridge a number of the design flaws over the current one. (such as the sizing for mobile devices etc) unfortunately its' still pre-alpha, which means it's no where near a production level (It needs to reach at least Release Candiate level before I can run it here, so that any patches are compatible, other version could imply major changes each update.) so we'll just have to wait an see how long it takes for it to be developed.  It's suppose to bridge the social networking problems too, although personally I'd consider steering away from everything being interlinked into a facebook login ( no wonder the NSA was all over the swissarmy knife of logins)
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(Apr 24, 2015 05:39 PM)Mr Doodlebug Wrote: The coverage is very patchy, and it doesn't seem to have improved much since the site began. [...] Perhaps it is a matter of patience.

Yep, it takes time. Almost any random text of two lines or more can be extracted from the posts of a long-established forum on the web (without even submitting the latter's name) and a search engine will cough-up exactly where it came from. Try the same with scivillage and they draw a blank. Limit what is submitted to the categories alone like "scivillage biology", "scivillage philosophy", "scivillage weird and beyond" and you get a couple of relevant returns. But add a snippet from something posted under one of those (like maybe "The google search engine is picking up a few bits from SV...") and it's back to either "no results" again or arbitrary websites that have nothing to do with scivillage.
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I'm analysing things to try and aid getting it spidered more correctly. It seems the initial vanilla version of the theme used by this forum isn't well written in regards to ever changing browser/SEO standards. I've make some changes to that messages posted here now use:

<article> with contained <header>,<aside> and <footer>
Those particular HTML tags are used to identify blogs or forum posts and should help when spiders try to scrape what content actually is.
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Also another side note, you might noticed a slight change in the forum listing (General Science and it's subforums have been moved to it's own category to reduce various problems with formating) and some changes to the forumdisplay sizes has been done to make the columns align (trivial as it was but it's better flow than columns being different sizes).
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It would be good to get a few more members.
Of the non-bossy and polite variety.
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i will attempt to get this site going. i will shove people here. Wink

(Apr 25, 2015 06:00 PM)Mr Doodlebug Wrote: It would be good to get a few more members.
Of the non-bossy and polite variety.
LIM.. i am working on me not being a ddick. i am progressing.

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