Our Galaxy has Weird Lobes

Big, well-defined, spherical things above and below the center of the galaxy. Each one is about 25,000 light years across.


They were never seen before now, because they are only visible in gamma-ray wavelengths. That fact suggests a very energetic process, and their position above and below the galactic center suggests (to me anyway) something to do with the giant black hole in the galactic hub. Maybe a less energetic analogue of the cosmic jets seen shooting out of some other galaxies' centers.

NASA photo:

[Image: tumblr_inline_ph7y7yLuWy1tzhl5u_1280.jpg]

This is a NASA photo of Centaurus A, an active galaxy, with light and x-ray wavelength photos superimposed. The similarity is close enough to suggest a similar source. Our galaxy's lobes are much more symmetrical though.

[Image: cena_composite.jpg]

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