Scientists stumped by ribbon of light in the sky

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EXCERPT: Those of us who follow science news had a good chuckle when news broke a while back about a mysterious sky phenomenon appearing in auroral and sub-auroral regions dubbed “Steve.” Well, “Steve” is actually “STEVE,” standing for “Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement,” and it’s no joke. What it is, on the other hand, is unknown. [...] The initial assumption was that STEVE was some flavor of aurora borealis, but a new study published in Geophysical Research Letters — the first serious examination at STEVE — finds that it’s not. Lead scientist of the new study Bea Gallardo-Lacourt says, “Our main conclusion is that STEVE is not an aurora. So right now, we know very little about it. And that’s the cool thing, because this has been known by photographers for decades. But for the scientists, it’s completely unknown.” She and her colleagues refer to the phenomenon as a “sky glow.”...

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Are you ever gonna formulate a fuckin opinion on these subjects girl? I mean "Hello!"
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(Aug 26, 2018 08:15 PM)Ostronomos Wrote: CC, Are you ever gonna formulate a fuckin opinion on these subjects girl? I mean "Hello!"

This "problem" is not amenable to opinions / sentiments, canon, social theories, pet interpretative filters, and loose speculations mediated by ordinary language. It's not politics, religion, prescriptions for human behavior, science fiction, etc.

It is somewhat similar to the Pioneer anomaly that was eventually solved by accessing old data in antique storage formats and the tedious, brute technical analysis of such.

It's not the same territory as elusive "Why are there no signs of space alien civilizations?" or future "Why did the technological singularity not happen in 2030-2040?" type questions which are triggered by expectations that were themselves born from personal and group sentiments.

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Do you know what I like about, C C. I never have to defend her. *BAM!*

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