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EXCERPT: . . . The study, titled ‘Seamlessly fused digital-analogue reconfigurable computing using memristors’, was published in Nature Communications. It revealed how the fusion of analogue and digital thinking can be achieved by combining standard digital electronics - as found in every computer and mobile phone today - with the rapidly emerging technology of analogue memristor devices. This powerful combination is a significant stepping-stone towards the next generation of ultra-low power, high battery life and adaptable electronics.

Dr Alexantrou Serb, lead author of the paper from the University of Southampton, said: “Over the last five decades we have processed digital signals and have computed using digital techniques, which has taken us very far. “However, if we are to truly compute at the limits of energy efficiency, that the laws of physics allow, it would seem imperative that we need to move towards analogue computation techniques whilst being much savvier about how to mix analogue and digital signals for maximum effect.”

MORE: https://www.southampton.ac.uk/news/2018/...vices.page

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