Cell Shock


Again,  don't take me seriously.

They consider these microbes as primitive. Could they be what first life resembled? Could they be advanced, evolving to become pure energy organisms? I'll take the former. Imagine if it's the other way round, energy life from BB became life as we know it. Could bio-energy(electrical ) life have preceded bio-chemical?
Quote:Meet the electric life forms that live on pure energy . . . That research, says Jangir’s supervisor Moh El-Naggar, may be the most convincing example we have so far of electricity eaters grown on a supply of electrons with no added food.

That's just not wholly accurate, should they be growing and replicating. Anymore than it being realistic in Alien that a Xenomorph could grow from chestbuster-sized to adult predator with no sign of food or mass intake in between. Even a microscopic cell needs water as a mediator for chemical reactions and other molecules as structural and processing components; and a need of "more" certainly arises for binary fission (bacterial reproduction). Manipulation of electrons or electromagnetic properties does not float on its own -- it requires a substrate to do the handling.


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