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Ford Explorer carbon monoxide leakage

Magical Realist Offline
"The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has upgraded a probe into potential carbon monoxide poisoning being caused by Ford Explorers. The NHTSA said it is aware of 2,700 complaints and three crashes potentially linked to carbon monoxide poisoning in the vehicles’ cabin.

An initial investigation was opened last year into more than 638,000 vehicles, and the NHTSA has now upgraded that investigation into an “engineering analysis,” a necessary step before the agency can force Ford to recall any vehicles. Ford has acknowledged some kind of problem, issued numerous service bulletins, and told Reuters that it has a dedicated team “to investigate reported issues and solve them.”

It was reported this month that the police department in Austin, Texas, pulled more than 40 Ford Explorers from its fleet after a half-dozen officers reported ill with carbon monoxide poisoning. The NHTSA said the reported injuries include “loss of consciousness, with the majority indicating nausea, headaches, or light-headedness.”

It should be emphasized that so far, the NHTSA has “no substantive data or actual evidence…supporting a claim that any of the alleged injury or crash allegations were the result of carbon monoxide poisoning.” Although working out if a car cabin is full of carbon monoxide might sound like an easy task, the massive number of variables and different driving conditions makes it harden than you’d imagine.

For now, the NHTSA has not issued a recall or guidance for owners, but if you’ve got a Ford Explorer, maybe think about driving with the windows down a little more."-----
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Like vinyl records, the tradition keeps finding a way to come back. May take complete dominance of electric cars to finally put the kibosh to the once popular method.

1998: Catalytic converters foil suicide bids
Zinjanthropos Offline
(Aug 1, 2017 07:06 AM)C C Wrote: Like vinyl records, the tradition keeps finding a way to come back. May take complete dominance of electric cars to finally put the kibosh to the once popular method.  

1998: Catalytic converters foil suicide bids

I'll wager deaths by electrical fire will increase during the dominant phase.  Rolleyes
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"A CBS News investigation has learned Ford may be closer to a major recall due to possible carbon monoxide leaks in Explorers, which could affect police departments across the country. Police departments say fumes are seeping into the SUVs and sickening officers, and federal safety regulators have logged thousands of complaints on the best-selling police interceptor.

In Montgomery County, Maryland, where crews are inspecting all 108 of the county's Explorers, they're finding Explorer after Explorer with cracked exhaust manifolds, the part that carries exhaust from the engine to the tailpipe, reports CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave.

Mechanics in Montgomery County like David Dise, director of the county's department of general services, are finding cracked manifolds in their Explorers so often that he believes the problem could be affecting 80 percent of the fleet. Most are police cruisers.

"We believe this is a manufacturer's defect," Dise said.

The exhaust manifold collects gases from an engine's cylinders. A crack could release carbon monoxide into the engine bay and through the vents of a vehicle's cabin.

"If you're running your air conditioning or your vent system, that's the air that's coming through the engine compartment. So you're sucking carbon monoxide into the cabin if you have that kind of a leak," Dise said.

While Ford engineers are not convinced the cracked manifolds are causing the exhaust complaints, the cracks are common enough to prompt Ford to actively consider a potentially costly recall. There are an estimated 135,000 Explorer police cruisers on the road today."---

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