Footage of octopus hunting on land + Stuart Hall, inventor of cultural studies

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Amateur Captures Stunning Footage Of Octopus Hunting On Land

EXCERPT: This jaw-dropping footage by Porsche Indrisie shows off something quite unexpected. "I have a keen interest in sea life and have been working in my dad’s family business, Burswood Seafood, for years now. I’ve always got my camera out taking photos of interesting things but this time I decided to try and capture video. Trying to steady my footing, I edged closer to the crab, and was totally surprised to witness the octopus clean it up right in front of me! Like an alien creature! I had no idea they could launch out of the water like that. Astonished, I called out to my sister who quickly clambered over. She missed the action but was keen to see the footage. I’m grateful to have been filming as I’m sure no-one would have believed me without it! It was just a very unexpected moment, perfectly timed." - Porsche Indrisie

Stuart Hall, inventor of cultural studies, has much to answer for

EXCERPT: What’s this? An autobiography by Stuart Hall? Wasn’t he one of the guys who put the Eng. Lit. departments out to grass by arguing that it was senseless to talk about fictional characters as if they were real people when the truth was that real people were fictional constructs? Indeed he was; but don’t go thinking that just because Hall embarked, shortly before his death in 2014, on writing his life story, that he’d given up on the decentred subject. As he remarks early on in Familiar Stranger, despite our need to grasp our inner being, ‘we’ll never be ourselves’.

[...] Unlike many of his epigones, Hall is never exactly obfuscatory. But nor is he often exact. Admittedly, he was gravely ill when the book was conceived [...] Tony Judt was on his deathbed when he and Timothy Snyder embarked on the conversations that became "Thinking the Twentieth Century", and there isn’t a sentence in that book that’s not pure crystal.

Hall, on the other hand, seems to have been able to think only in periphrastic boilerplate. ‘Identity is never singular but is multiply constructed across intersecting and antagonistic discourses, practices and positions.’ After two or three goes at such stuff you get the gist. [...] Fortunately, the straight biographical bits of "Familiar Stranger" are more nourishing. Hall was born in 1932 in Kingston, Jamaica into an ‘upper-middling’ family of doctors and lawyers. In earlier generations the family had owned slaves, and the ‘social striving’ of Hall’s mother and grandmother meant he was always hearing them decry some or other light-skinned local for ‘trying to “pass” ’....

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Great! One more thing to run away from on the beach.
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I always thought the crab lived a miserable existence.....this just confirms that thought. I swear it's one of those critters that's evolved to feed all others.

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