Aestimatio - Critical Reviews in the History of Science

This is a website (and an associated journal) that publishes reviews of books on the history of science. Especially 'science' as it was conceived in ancient and medieval times, and in cultures like Indian and Islamic, before the European Scientific Revolution. Hence its reviews cover a lot of what we today call the history of philosophy. (Books on the Aristotelians, the Stoics etc.)

Each year they publish their journal in a numbered volume. The website has links to each one (on the right side of the page) where you can download individual reviews in pdf format, or download the entire volume with all the reviews for that year in e-book form if you prefer. (They run 300-400 pages. The link is at the top of the page for each volume, except the latest one.)

(Hey CC, you like book reviews, so this one is for you.)
Thanks, Yazata. The nice thing about reviews (with respect to forums) is that it would require a Snowball Inferno for them to not be open access.

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