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Place for rants like "My 3d printer doesn't work after they sent me bum software and now I have to be Facebook Friends with them before they'll even look at the problem.  I have 46 new friends today. Why do xyz need to know about these 46 loons, wasters and psychos before they can even attempt to make good on the deal where I paid them good money (lots) for a 3d printer which I had hoped would kind'a print in 3d?" - that was just an example.
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Interesting suggestion.

I'd have a few concerns that I'd worry about in relationship to it, I wouldn't want to enable someone to Moaning Minnie-dom (It's a decadent spiral) and I wouldn't want it to literally lead to spammers dropping the equivalent of negative reviews with the intention of marketing or undervaluing someone elses product/service.

Don't get me wrong though it doesn't mean that it can't be done, it just means those are the things I would be trying to nip in the bud if it gets too out of touch with being just rant.

Incidentally on Rant's:....
Quote:Why does some scumbag meateater always put a frozen pork chop in the vegetarian/vegan section. I know, they think their funny etc but they have no clue about crosscontamination (It's right up there with putting razorblades in baby food)... I mean who'd want to eat that pork chop now?" (Incidentally I'm vegan, if I'd moan about the Vegetarian/vegan foods being contaminated it wouldn't have been funny, because it's actually a little serious.)

Further more to that, why does a particular supermarket chain the UK with a name that sounds similar to the UNESCO (no product placement here) place their Freeform foods next to or in with the Vegetarian/Vegan section? Freeform for those of you that don't know is freerange foods (along with some gluten free etc), so there's chicken in the wrong bloody compartment.

It's like marketeers think it's a great way tricking people to buy their produce, to get home and then realise it wasn't what they thought it was. That in turn makes them too self-concerned about how it looks to take it back (and the hassle of doing so), so they just dump it straight in the bin. It would explain why they were putting horse meat in things they knew were going to end that way.

Then there's Restaurants.
Cooking foods in cross contaminated environments means while... yes, indeed your vegetarian dish is vegetarian based upon ingredients... thanks to you sharing the use of the same wok as your pork balls pretty much undermines it's classification.

By the way, for those meat eaters that sit there chomping on a beef burger with the mouth open thinking that vegans/vegetarians are insulted or grieved by it, you should probably consider that to us a beef burger is a dog turd. So while you think you're being idiotically smart, we suffer from both the small amusement that your eating a turd and the disgust that your eating a turd.

See that's the kind of spiral that can occur. In the words of Ron Burgundy, "Well that escalated quickly!"


Perhaps we do need a thread/forum afterall... Thoughts?
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Thanks Stryder.
I've just invented Arsebook. Not sure how it works but if anyone wants to run with the idea they are welcome to it.

Too late http://arsebook.co.uk

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