What are you listening to ...right now?

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Here is the original: https://youtu.be/bvXbHN5Gijw

A Beautiful Crash's version is here (duo): https://youtu.be/9dQCrrtY4VA

Fernando Ufret: cover of "Glycerine" (Bush)


Ufret has a knack for capturing the voice characteristics of the original singer of a song. Obviously that's not adding anything new, but when you consider the array of different challenges he has met, the mimicry is kinda notable. Even female singers like Annie Lennox. (Not to the fullest extreme, though. Wink) 

Fernando Ufret: cover of "Sweet Dreams" (Eurythmics)


The original is here (extended): https://youtu.be/8PxxTVGlP68

Marilyn Manson cover (1995): https://youtu.be/F7cPgonpbwo

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