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(Dec 3, 2016 05:18 PM)Zinjanthropos Wrote: The whole idea of a clairvoyant being present/involved at the greatest moment in man's history was too much for me. Turned me right off. Giant squids didn't help much either. When I get like that early in a flick I have trouble refocusing on the rest of the film.

Don't click if you haven't seen it.
It wasn't about clairvoyance.  The circular language suggested that time was not linear, but also circular. Once she began to understand their language, her mental construct of time changed.  

How Languages Construct Time

"People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." - Albert Einstein

Zinjanthropos Wrote:Can't remember the line near the end so I'm paraphrasing but it went something like 'Let's go make a baby" .  How many times has that line been uttered by a guy hoping for sexual conquest? How many times has it been successful?  Smile I'd rather believe MR's stories before anything that movie put forward.

It wasn’t about sex.  It was about impermanence. Their daughter died.  He wanted to avoid attachment.  She chose to love harder and embrace it.

I agree with you that the seppuku was out of place in Hacksaw Ridge because there was no backdrop from a Japanese perspective.
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Clairvoyant probably a bad choice of word. I realize she was flashing forward (does direction mean anything in circular time?) but there was a point in the movie where a squid told her she could see into the future. This was probably due to her understanding the language, she writes a book about it, no? So I'm sitting there wondering if anybody else who understands the squids would feel the same affects. I envisioned squid language being taught in schools all around the world at that point. I figured if a squid tells her she can see into the future because of her understanding of the language then what is going to happen when a good chunk of the world understands it too. Why wait 3000 years for them to return to teach us their technology when all we'd have to do is look in to (or back to) the future?

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"Story of Your Life" is a science fiction short story by Ted Chiang. It was the winner of the 2000 Nebula Award for Best Novella as well as the 1999 Sturgeon award. The major themes explored by this tale are determinism, language, and the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis. The story was adapted into the 2016 film Arrival.

Here's the Physics That Got Left Out Of 'Arrival'

"Chiang’s more direct message about learning how to appreciate life’s moments, to live outside the bounds of time.  

If we could see our lives laid out before us, would we change anything?

Story of Your Life — and by extension Arrival — is telling us to live as if the answer is, and always will be, a resolute no."
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This might be good.  I can’t really tell. It’s based on a 2013 novel by David Eggers.

"Secrets are Lies", "sharing is caring," and "privacy is theft."

The book ends with Mae looking at Annie in the hospital, wondering when the time will come that people's thoughts will be knowable as public information, saying that "the world deserves nothing less and will not wait".

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