Blue wine coming to a store near you!

Wow, that’s pretty cool, Magical.  I wonder, though, if your mouth would turn blue.  That’s the one thing I hate about barrel tasting with red wine.  Yesterday, I went with a girlfriend.  I was telling the wine maker about this blue wine that you linked.    His brother works at a winery in another nearby county.  They just started selling a new digital smart bottle. It’s Wi-Fi connected, which allows you to purchase other wines, and it guarantees that your wine will stay fresh for up to 30 days.  It can detect the wine and display the label on the digital touchscreen, along with additional information, e.g., the grape, alcohol content, and pairing notes, etc.   My girlfriend thought it was ridiculous, but I thought it was pretty cool.

[Image: Kuvee-1.jpg]

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