Schizophrenia is non-existant + Politics affects sci issues + Reproducibility crisis

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“Schizophrenia” does not exist. Discuss.

EXCERPT: . . . The crux of the suggestion is that in these days of increasing pluralisation of diagnostic labels and realisation that individual behavioural or psychiatric labels rarely occur unaccompanied, the idea that there is a discrete condition called schizophrenia is fast losing 'evidence-based' backing....

Paper Drives Home How Much Politics Influences Attitudes Toward Science Issues

EXCERPT: A recent paper in the journal Science Communication drives home the extent to which political identity – and the way we communicate about science – can influence a person’s attitude toward scientific issues. Here’s the short version: a study that measured the public’s response to a local water quality issue found that the more people knew about the relevant science, the more they supported an environmental science solution. However, if the water quality issue was framed as being related to climate change, well-informed but politically-conservative participants became much less likely to support funding for an environmental science solution. In fact, they showed less support for a science solution than the politically-conservative but uninformed participants....

There is a reproducibility crisis in psychology and we need to act on it

EXCERPT: The debate about whether psychological research is reproducible is getting heated. In 2015, Brian Nosek and his colleagues in the Open Science Collaboration showed that they could not replicate effects for over 50 per cent of studies published in top journals. Now we have a paper by Dan Gilbert and colleagues saying that this is misleading because Nosek’s study was flawed, and actually psychology is doing fine. More specifically: “Our analysis completely invalidates the pessimistic conclusions that many have drawn from this landmark study.” This has stimulated a set of rapid responses, mostly in the blogosphere. [...] So now the folks in the media are confused and don’t know what to think.....

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