God reveals Himself to anyone at any time?

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In the moment I closed my eyes I saw blackness reaching singularity in less than a second. And then nothing had meaning. It was the death of all the pain I've been nursing. There was no memory of anything. That is what it means to "live in the moment" as is the evil being promoted by some. A second longer and I would have seen hell, pure evil. The 'excrementation' of the complete I AM theory.

God binds our subjection with objectivity. This world is virtual and the other one is the real one. To have no identity of who one is and to live in the moment without God is to live in a false reality without meaning and it is indistinctive while one is alive witnessing everything without information on it is strictly a creature of sensory apparatus and not a shred of understanding through the heart.

Call this an the awakening that comes after recovering from a sudden singularity of blackness and nothingness. The ability to regain meaning of all things (and to eliminate the indistinctiveness of each object including the indistinctiveness of my physical body in a world of strictly objects) required my absolute concentration on God. It was necessary for my sake to obtain comprehensibility. I took a number of steps to regain my identity and with it the meaning that defined each object including my physical self. God was necessary in my ability to regain comprehension of anything and to welcome a fresh and positive reality and leave behind all the negativity that, when wiped out in that moment, left me in a world of strictly objects. This was probably why the loss of identity creates fear - it opens one to the world of absolute negativity, a world without God. Imagine not knowing that your physical body belonged to you, kind of like a sudden state of permanent amnesia. Strict materialism (belief in objects) leaves one in a world of no meaning. This is why mind is necessary to extract information from matter. The physical brain and body is not the mind.

Meaning is what is necessary to distinguish mind from objects and thus the physical body from mind itself along with the other distinct objects that are distinct from the physical self-identity.

To live in each moment is to have no memory of the self and thus no distinction of mind from physical body.

After regaining the meaning of people/objects and regular objects was when I was able to see that subjectivity is required for us to recognize our physical identity and with it who we are (the "I AM") and our needs. "Bliss" is the state of being an automaton or a system of sensory apparatus' incapable of human function because subjectivity is needed in order to self-determine oneself from the object world and thus create meaning/information (without meaning objects give no distinctive information and thus both objects and their characteristic interpretation in relation to the self and the ability to distinguish between mind and body will be lost, the mind must distinguish the physical self from objects otherwise one looks at all things without recognition or priority) and to be given it by concentrating on The Provider and Creator of meaning/information.

On meaning

We create meaning and the meaning creates the "what" identification of each and every object including the physical body. The provider of the meaning of the objective universe and thus the creation of the meaning that enables us to recognize our physical body as a separate object from the mind and therefore the physical body and the mind from objects in general is God. Otherwise reality would be a world of false objects as the object world is virtual and exists in space and time as opposed to reality. The subjective reality creates the meaning that enables us to function meaningfully and to recognize the mind, and therefore the body, from the object.

I must tell you that the physical world is virtual and the informational one is real. We have always argued about whether the reality of matter is virtual versus the reality of information. I assume the information being spoken about is what gives objects irreducible complexity.
Assume that we were functioning in a world of specified complexity, a roach can have absolutely no difference in meaning to a loved one or death itself and the response to all would be the same as there would be no information to distinguish them. Kind of similar to a blankened, mindless physical brain interpreting and operating in a reality of purely neuromuscular and sensory apparatus which would lead to a physical object that perceives not a shred of information from any object and thus could not act.

The will of our mind and self-determination to exist gives meaning to matter (as opposed to strictly appearing to be objects) and therefore information can be perceived.


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