Keeping religion out of science + Children sacrificed by Mayans were identical twins

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Some (very creepy) secrets of Mayan human sacrifices have been uncovered

INTRO: From their remarkable astronomical calendars and stunning stepped pyramids, the ancient Mayan civilisations of Central America captivated scholars for centuries.

Yet alongside their brilliance, they are also associated with another, darker cultural phenomenon: human sacrifice. And according to a recent study, it was very dark indeed.

New findings from an analysis of ancient DNA in the ancient Mayan city of Chichén Itzá have suggested that many of the sacrifices were children – including a high proportion of identical twins.

Published in the journal Nature, the study examined human remains found in a chultun – an underground cistern – close to a large sinkhole known as the Sacred Cenote... (MORE - details)

We need an Constitutional amendment keeping religion out of science

EXCERPTS (Jerry Coyne): There should be some kind of Constitutional amendment that puts up a wall between science and religion, just like the First Amendment that puts up a wall between government and religion. The incursion of religion into science is never helpful, and is often harmful...

[...] Here’s a new letter in NATURE noting not only the large difference in methodology between seeking “truth” in science vs. religion, but also using the high proportion of nonbelieving scientists (compared to the general public) as evidence for the incompatibility of the two areas...

The link to the Conlon article is here, and that to the NAS survey is here.

I discuss in Faith Versus Fact how the more accomplished a scientist is, the more likely they are to be nonbelievers. For example, here’s a quote from page 12 of my book... (MORE - missing details)
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The First Amendment doesn't "put up a wall between government and religion." Nowhere in the Constitution is the notion of "separation of church and state." It's only in the Federalist Papers. So this is a flawed argument to begin with.
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Quote:We need an Constitutional amendment keeping religion out of science

EXCERPTS (Jerry Coyne): There should be some kind of Constitutional amendment that puts up a wall between science and religion [...]

Political and lifestyle ideology would apparently need to be kept separate from science first. Especially with respect to the psycho-social and medical disciplines. Science can't advocate legislation about and exercise exclusion of diverse cultural beliefs and practices if the administrations employing and policing scientists are dedicated to being inclusive of such.

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