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Article  Purposeful universe?

Ostronomos Offline
(Nov 22, 2023 01:30 PM)Zinjanthropos Wrote: The universe is also fine tuned for destroying life. Universe enjoys the kill so much that one day it said to itself ‘ I think I’ll create life just for something to destroy’. In this way life has a purpose. It’s difficult to accept, your home trying to murder you, but that’s how the universe gets it’s kicks. The universe’s purpose then is to act on its psychotic tendencies. It has no feelings, is withdrawn and all alone while enduring unimaginable boredom. So much so that destroying life is good therapy.

65 mya the universe got bored with the Reptiles and we all know what happened then, as if life is part of a giant Squid Game. It’s almost proof of life being everywhere in the universe because that keeps it busy hunting elsewhere until next time Earth gets reviewed.

Too easy to cook up a universal purpose idea.

One of the best arguments for fine tuning is yours truly. I am a living miracle. Even though others may not see it, I am quite the genius.

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