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Situation in Europe: November 2023 (Survival Lilly)

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VIDEO EXCERPTS: Today I want to make a video about the situation in Europe in November 2023.

So the first article that I want to show you is this one here. Apparently we Austrians are paying €1,000 too much a year for food...

[...] Next I want to show you an article about our grid system in Austria. Here it says that our grid is at the end of its capacity. That's because photovoltaic and also wind power, are producing sometimes too much of electricity, that they cannot move away the electricity from one spot. This can lead to a blackout and to other problems. So now they have to make the grid more intelligent and this digitalization will cost 9 billion for the next years. It's already expensive...

[...] I've talked about the digital ID and how the European Union is trying to push it through. Unfortunately, it seems as if they are pushing it through...

Situation in Europe November 2023

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