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Article  Jew-hatred is poisoning America's campuses

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INTRO: A discredited, disgusting, antisemitic book will be taught at one of America’s most prestigious universities this year.

A fall course syllabus at Princeton includes “The Right to Maim: Debility, Capacity, Disability,” which unapologetically promotes vicious blood libels against Jews.

It accuses the Israeli military of harvesting Palestinians’ organs and Israel of adopting the deliberate maiming of Palestinians as official policy.

Such conspiracy theories echo the antisemitism of 1930s Nazi Germany.

Yet Princeton’s president and leaders responded with mealymouthed indifference. Their inaction is unsurprising: American universities tolerate Jew-hatred.

A new survey, conducted by leading polling firm Ipsos and commissioned by the nonprofit, nonpartisan group Jewish on Campus, asked more than 3,000 undergraduate students at colleges and universities from coast to coast about their experiences with campus antisemitism.

The results are alarming. Nearly 60% of Jewish students reported facing antisemitism directed against them personally.

More than half have been subjected to antisemitic hate speech to their face. Nearly half have been forced to see hateful vandalism on their campuses targeting Jews, such as swastikas etched into dorm-room doors at Stanford and spray-painted on offices at Columbia.

More than 20% of Jewish students disclosed hearing other students make calls for violence, genocide or deadly pogroms against them — simply because they are Jewish... (MORE - details)

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