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The crackdown on speaking out against pedophilia? (Survival Lilly)

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VIDEO EXCERPTS: Today I want to tell you that my Instagram account was deactivated, suspended. [...] I only found out yesterday, and that's because I barely use Instagram.

[...] I don't understand the deactivation because I've never posted anything on Instagram which is against the guidelines, the rules, or anything political.

Here on YouTube I do more like political views, or videos on the situation on Europe and other topics. But on Instagram it was just pictures of me in nature or of some projects and crafts. So there was never anything which could have offended the guidelines. And that's why I don't understand this suspension.

So then I thought maybe this has to do with my YouTube account. Because recently I've made some videos. It's not even controversial, but it's a topic which right now is treated as controversial in mainstream media.

So for example, those videos about the situation in Europe, I have done those for one and a half years now, and it was never a problem.

But recently I did a video on how I almost got kidnapped as a child, and on where I say that people need to be careful of child predators because they are really everywhere.

So maybe this video here triggered my ban on Instagram because I spoke out against pedophilia.

But the funny thing is this is a video on YouTube. So I've never put anything of this topic on Instagram.

And to me, it's really peculiar why my account will get suspended if I post my opinion. My speech was on another platform which is not Instagram. So this makes no sense to me.

But I'm not surprised about all of this. Honestly I was also suspecting it because social media is now doubling down on free speech. They don't like any opinion which goes against mainstream media...

--> Austrian actor gets 2-year suspended sentence over possessing and processing child sex abuse images

[...] Because of people protesting in front of the court building, they didn't send this pedophile to prison. Can you believe it? What the hell is going on? This is crazy, I cannot believe it. So this caused a lot of uproar in Austria, a lot of newspapers were full with the story, that he [the actor] would get zero time in prison.

[...] so now if you're against pedophilia, and if you want to have pedophiles in prison, then you are right-wing extremists. So yeah, I definitely don't want pedophiles walking our streets endangering my child. I want to see them in prison. Does this really make me right-wing? I don't think so. I think this is extremely ridiculous...

Censorship is happening NOW! Situation is getting out of hand! ...
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Poor Lily….I think she’s finding out that it’s much easier to survive naked on a deserted island or in the mountains wearing only shorts and a T shirt than it is to survive worldwide political wokeness.

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