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Article  Golden orb found at the bottom of the ocean mystifies scientists

C C Offline

INTRO: At around 3,300 meters (2 miles) below the surface off the coast of Alaska, where the warm light of the Sun never penetrates, an NOAA Ocean Exploration remotely operated underwater vehicle came across a strange, golden orb.

It was "tightly adhered" to a rock dotted with white sponges, measuring around 10 centimeters (4 inches) across with a hole in one side.

It's not entirely clear what the mysterious orb might be. Initial suggestions from the researchers conducting the livestream of the dive included an egg casing from a mystery species, a dead sponge, or a coral.

"I don't know what to make of that," said one of the researchers on the 30 August livestream.

"It's definitely got a big old hole in it, so something either tried to get in or tried to get out," another speculated... (MORE - details)
confused2 Offline
We'd know a lot more if they'd poked it with a stick while they were down there.
Zinjanthropos Offline
Is it possible at that depth it might be some sort of solid gas or possibly a gas bubble that’s popped? Don’t think it’s natural gas (methane) but perhaps something that appears to be pale yellow, not much light down there to ascertain true colour however.

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