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Article  Is it time for the "Like" feature to return? Vote?

C C Offline
(Aug 18, 2023 07:18 PM)Leigha Wrote: Yea, gotcha. I understand. Just some random ideas to throw out there, and not every site needs to be popular and worried about attracting and retaining newcomers.

Didn't mean to sound like I was dissuading ideas. I suppose it just stems from my (faulty?) conception of SV delicately swaying on a precipice for most of its history. I need to stop being the helicopter neighbor hovering around slash worrying about the family across the street. Wink

Quote:Going back to the conversation happening on SF, I'd say that what transpired there has been a slow fade. Nothing catastrophic happens overnight, when it comes to these things. Kind of like a leaky faucet, slowly dripping every day for years, until someone opens the bathroom door, and a gush of water floods the hallway. The slowing of traffic there and on other forums, has a lot to do with the growing popularity of FB, IG, and Twitter, which seems to demonstrate an inclination towards self-absorption, rather than debating/discussing topics on anonymous forums, such as this one or SF. There are other ''reasons'' that I've shared over there this week, and those issues happened over a few years, as well.

And contributing factors to the decline, no doubt. My impression from over a dozen years ago was an SF that was roiling with raucous arguments and debates. It seemed to be the mecca to go to for that sort of thing. But most of the members with opinions stimulating those conversations are gone now -- driven off, banned, or better muzzled. What roams in from the street to only temporarily stay is a pale shadow.

Can't say "be careful what one wishes for", because the current sterile environment may truly have been what was desired.

Quote:On another note, I've always found it so confusing that Reddit has lasted as long as it has, and thrives, actually. I've never liked the way they format threads; it's just not aesthetically pleasing to me. Their threads have this odd waterfall/cascading effect. See? Ya can't please everyone. Rolleyes

I never cared for Reddit. The only time I find myself even visiting there is when a search for some very obscure _X_ turns up an individual mentioning it, and perhaps providing a link or fragment of the trail to "Norumbega".
Leigha Offline
Yea, nothing ever stays the same. It’s nostalgic, though. I used to post on a running forum and the same thing happened a few years ago, and it’s now gone. Such is life, virtual life.
confused2 Offline
Most (almost all) of the threads on this forum are 5 star. At the moment I'm tempted to rate every thread I read as 5 star simply to get rid of the 0 star rating. If threads started at (say) 3 stars they could either stay at that or be up/down rated as people read them.
confused2 Offline
I'm still having difficulty with the thread rating. I don't want to seem like the sort of CC fanboy that marks all her threads with 5 stars but I might (covertly) actually be a fanboy so I have to wait until someone else rates a thread so nobody notices. I fear I may ultimately start to suffer from Fanboy Suppression Syndrome (FSS).

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