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Article  Could aging wine become the first major space manufacturing business?

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EXCERPTS: . . . one of the secrets of wine is that it is primarily considered to get better with age. [...] Some investors even buy wine as a store of value, as, in general, its price increases over time.

One obvious difficulty with this process is that it simply takes time, and despite humanity’s best efforts, we haven’t developed a fool-proof way to speed up the “aging” process. Hence the interest generated when an experiment on the ISS hinted at a potential way to do so.

[...] The first of the six missions involved flying twelve bottles of Bordeaux to the ISS back in 2019. There it stayed in Low Earth Orbit for 438 days and 19 hours, then returned to Earth on a Dragon capsule in January 2021

[...] Without controls, it wouldn’t be much of an experiment, so similar containers were kept here on Earth to age normally. And then finally, the results of the taste test were released in May of 2021.

Surprisingly, the wine left in space differed from its counterpart in both color and taste. And very importantly, it seemed to have aged at least 2-3 times more than the wine left on Earth, according to at least one of the experts on the tasting panel... (MORE - missing details)

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