Article  Is the universe a quantum fluctuation? + NASA plans to melt the Moon & build on Mars

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Is the universe a quantum fluctuation?

Perhaps the whole Universe is the result of a vacuum fluctuation, originating from what we could call quantum nothingness.

KEY POINTS: Can science explain the origin of everything? All models proposed so far to describe the origin of the Universe use quantum mechanical ideas to make sense of the beginning of time. The first of these models proposed that the Universe came from an energy fluctuation out of the quantum vacuum — the quantum egg that gave rise to everything... (MORE - detauls)

How NASA plans to melt the Moon—and build on Mars

EXCERPTS: . . . When humanity returns to the Moon as part of NASA’s Artemis program, astronauts will first live in places like an orbiting space station, on a lunar lander, or in inflatable surface habitats. But the MMPACT team is preparing for the construction of sustainable, long-lasting structures. To avoid the high cost of shipping material from Earth, which would require massive rockets and fuel expenditures, that means using the regolith that’s already there, turning it into a paste that can be 3D printed into thin layers or different shapes.

[...] The first step toward 3D printing on the Moon will involve using lasers or microwaves to melt regolith, says MMPACT team lead Jennifer Edmunson. Then it must cool to allow gases to escape; failure to do so can leave the material riddled with holes like a sponge. The material can then be printed into desired shapes. How to assemble finished pieces is still being decided. To keep astronauts out of harm’s way, Edmunson says the goal is to make construction as autonomous as possible, but she adds, “I can’t rule out the use of humans to maintain and repair our full-scale equipment in the future.”

[...] Constructing Mars Dune Alpha, the test habitat in Texas, had an even bigger X factor: The human race has never brought a sample of Martian soil back to Earth, so Icon had to simulate the material, based on predictions of what it is made out of—such as that it’s rich in basalt.

[...] “Building humanity’s first home on another planet will be one of the most ambitious construction projects in human history and will push technology, engineering, science, and architecture to new heights,” Ballard told WIRED by email... (MORE - missing details)

How NASA Will 3D Print Houses On The Moon! ...
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How NASA Plans To 3D Print A Mars Colony! ...
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They've rewound the history of the Universe back all the way to the nascent and spontaneous beginning. They find there a singularity the size of a pea that defies all the known laws of physics and arises as if out of pure chance. Then it explodes resulting in our vast and seething universe. Is there not anything more astonishing than this? The impossible object outside of spacetime that coalesces out of an effervescent quantum nothingness? That everything that exists came from the explosion of this one kernal of energy. It is the sparking of the miraculous.. Of magic. If this can happen, then what else is possible?
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Everybody seems very sure there was nothing before the Universe.
Why not two megapods..
One says to the other..
"We need to be very careful here. One mistake could cause an almighty explosion."

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