Article  Inside the UFC’s pseudoscience crisis (sports)

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EXCERPTS: The PI was designed to launch the UFC into a new era of combat-sports science by delivering “evidence-based science, innovation, and technology.” But to a physiologist’s eye, my eye, many of the therapies offered through the PI’s standard of care are more New Age than New Frontier.

[...] Exhibit one: cupping. It’s obvious when an MMA fighter has received cupping therapy because the ancient Chinese medicine leaves large, circular bruises on the skin, revealed when the athlete strips down to weigh in for an upcoming fight.

[...] Exhibit two: whole-body cryotherapy. Even more conspicuous than cupping, the theatrical pretense of whole-body cryotherapy is at least part of the appeal...

[...] Exhibit three: ice bathing. The renowned ice plunge is ubiquitous among high-performance athletes...

[...] Let’s quickly snatch the baby from the proverbial bathwater and mention some of the good work done at the UFC PI, including performance testing, physiotherapy, and strength and conditioning support...

[...] How have bunk treatments made their way into MMA, and what is it about the current MMA culture that’s allowed them to endure and even thrive? We should first acknowledge that MMA exists within the wider historical context of combat sports... (MORE - missing details)

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