Popularity of US Political(ish) Figures

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According to the Harvard/Harris Poll (historically somewhat pro-Democrat)

Lots of things could be said about these results, most of which will probably strike terror into the Democrats

They listed a whole bunch of people (mostly politicians) and asked respondents if their image of the person was very favorable, favorable, unfavorable or very unfavorable. There were also no opinion and never heard of them options.

Elon (not a politician but somebody who has been making political waves) emerged as most popular name on the list! Both in total favorable 47% and in largest net favorable (favorable - unfavorable) at +14

Trump was second in total favorable (46%) but only came in at net -1 net due to his high unfavorables at 47%.

Third in total favorables was Ron DeSantis at 45% and a very healthy net at +8.

The most popular Democrat on the list was probably Bernie Sanders who came in at 42% favorable and a modest net of +1. Strikingly, Bernie was the only Democrat with a positive net (more favorables than unfavorables).

Biden tied Bernie for top Democrat in favorables (42%) but did poorly in net with a -10 (due to his 52% unfavorables, worse than Trump).

Hillary and Kamala each scored 41% favorables but Hillary's unfavorables were 49% (-8) and Kamala's unfavorables were 48% (-7).

AOC and Chuck Schumer showed poorly with net scores of -13 for AOC and -12 for Schumer.

But the least popular politician on the list (with the exception of Vladimir Putin) was Mitch McConnell at a whopping -24 net (25% favorable and 49% unfavorable). It isn't really surprising since Democrats don't like him, and neither do the new-style Trumpist Republicans.

[Image: Fws5jmKagAAy1CH?format=jpg&name=large]

[Image: Fws5jmKagAAy1CH?format=jpg&name=large]

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"The May Harvard CAPS / Harris Poll survey was conducted online within the United States from May 17-18, 2023."

Recent times taken into account, then. Not something conducted months ago.

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