Article  What is meat? Chemistry and technology is changing how we think about meat.

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What is meat? (video)

INTRO: Beyond “burgers.” Impossible “meat.” A huge meatball (supposedly) made from wooly mammoth DNA. Chemistry is changing how we think about meat, and as technology advances, things are only going to get more confusing...

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This is made of plants. Why do we call it “meat”? ...
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Here in the UK we seem have the same sort of core value thing about eating meat as Americans have about guns and Trump. I must admit until the age of about 30 I thought Vegans were from another world - for which I blame early exposure to Dan Dare and the Eagle comic.

For centuries we fought the French over whether it was better to eat cows or horses - they even call us Le Roast Bif.

Deep down we know that giving up meat will inevitably lead to transvestitism and embracing our European neighbours as equals.

He's been a vegetable since the car accident. No, he's a vegetarian - he was a vegetarian before the accident and he's still one now.

Many just don't see the point of selling 'meat' but without any actual meat in it - same with decaff coffee - why would anyone even want to do that?

It's an uphill struggle.

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