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New Breakthroughs in the Hard Problem of Consciousness

Ostronomos Offline
One X, Therefore One God

X = matter or non-object. Information can have meaning without matter. This is how a misunderstanding of reality can be created by mind. Reality is comparable to self-configuration. Wisdom is information coming from a single source (reality). Meaningless information comes from many (objects).
My belief was incorrect we create meaning, just as our minds contain a self-configuration of reality, which is self-configurating along with reality (psychologists are still unclear as to what the mind is). Where the mind is not static and therefore not concept, it is self-configuring and therefore unbound. The SCSPL is intrinsic as well as is spacetime due to structure S which distributes over S (self-distributive). Spacetime is thus transparent from within. Where objects in reality are s, possessing the structure of one that merges the concepts and is self-dynamic and self-perceptual that is S. S is amenable to theological interpretation.

The Theory-Reality Correspondence

A theory must hold the ingredients of mind, reality and language in order to map the source (mind) to the target (reality).
Theory thus negates unintelligible reality by placing existence as its content. A formal system such as those existing within today's technology (including computers) lack M (the Metaformal System). With imperfect attempts to advance the creation of computational technology the object-language is lacking in certain ingredients as it currently stands. Thus we require a more powerful computational language. Namely, the Metaformal System as it is so named. As the words "Metaformal System" enter the mind it creates reality and when we read the paper we hold mental expectations of what we hold as "genius".

Does everyone see the similarities between these two theories on mind? Linking the two we see that mind is on a spectrum of reality or quantum information, which is created by the mind's ability to use energy efficiently. When mind configures itself to equate to the self-configuration of reality, it expands and becomes omniscient. This self-configuration generates quantum information which leads to knowledge of truth.

Perhaps someone with an IQ above 135 can explain it better than I.

-Nicholas Hosein.

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