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Motion of the clock and relativity

Ostronomos Offline
According to the book The Quantum Physics Bible an illustrated encyclopedia, Einstein's final assault on Quantum theory came in 1935 when he proposed a gedanken thought experiment to his long-time friend Neils Bohr, originator of the model of the Hydrogen atom. They were the titans of Quantum theory and were instrumental in its development. Einstein's thought experiment included a clock in a box that emitted a photon at a specific time allowing the mass to be incrementally reduced and thus its influence due to gravity. This was supposed to illustrate that the time and energy property of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle could be known precisely, thus contradicting the probabilistic aspects of Quantum theory and establishing Hidden Variables.
But alas, Einstein was proven wrong and so Quantum theory went down in the History books as a valid theory. So began its reign.


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