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Let’s assume from all these UAP sightings that some are alien. I don’t really follow it but is there evidence to suggest that perhaps more than one alien race is visiting our planet? Do all the different designs of reported craft, a variety of aliens supposedly seen, and maybe some differences in tech as to maneuverability suggest more than one alien race watching?
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Among the more hardcore conspiratorial ufologists there are numerous alien species visiting our planet. The Greys, the Nordics (tall and blonde) and The Reptiles. I suppose they all have their typical ufo types and agendas but I haven't really explored their beliefs that much. I don't subscribe to such beliefs, content to leave the question of aliens open if and until we get some sure evidence of them.
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(Mar 28, 2023 01:21 AM)Zinjanthropos Wrote: [...] I don’t really follow it but is there evidence to suggest that perhaps more than one alien race is visiting our planet? [...]

On Earth, both multi-celled and later intelligent life (us) required such a rare convergence of chance circumstances distributed across millions of years, that I doubt there is such anywhere else in the galaxy (especially of the advanced ilk).

But if there literally were space alien visitors, then in terms of sci-fi probabilities, I'd favor them being descended from the archailect gods of our distant future, rather than their origins having been wholly on their home worlds.

Which is to say, our technological, self-engineered intellectual descendants would have to eventually figure out how to create negative energy (exotic matter, negative mass, etc) for worm-holes and fanciful drives.`

Or play the "reverse time-capsule" trope of a hidden container with programmed nanobots that progressed in the opposite direction of time, placed on one of the solar system's moons. Automatically opening itself when it reached a point long before modern humans arose, activating and releasing the [formerly] environmentally shielded micromachines, which then in turn assembled whatever applicable life-forms and robots (of "normal" temporal orientation) necessary to build spaceships that could migrate across interstellar space for thousands of years. Then eradicating all evidence of themselves and their activity after wards.

At any rate (whatever the method that got them to the past), it's conceivable that the various worlds this future "artificial life" was seeded on over the course of ensuing ages of space travel might self-evolve in different ways according to their preferences. Resulting in a variety of humanoid and non-humanoids, reflected in any explorer probes they someday launched Earth's way. Blessed with information from their "inverse ancestors" of the remote future, they'd know not to interfere with circumstances here except when they were the source of certain documented UAP accounts.

Their fragile interest in Earth would stem largely from it being the source of life / intelligence elsewhere, but requiring a delicate hand to not interfere and change things. That might or not might not be facilitated by no time travel being allowed that could change the past (sort of lamely demonstrated by a simulated time-travel experiment conducted in back 2009, articles of which no longer seem to show up in search results).

In terms of reasons for venturing to the past, speculative techno-deities of the future perhaps calculated that it would have been nearly impossible for humans on their own to have survived long enough to produce self-replicating machines and synthetic entities like themselves. Minus humans being shepherded and protected by clandestine guardians. Thus, the gods ensuring their own existence in a kind of autopoietic or self-making loop.

Potential paradoxes abound, but again -- I'm skeptical there is other intelligent or space traveling life in the Milky Way, regardless of origin. So tying up troubling loose-ends is somebody else's problem who believes.
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Sounds like Ufologists are out to solve the Fermi paradox. Don’t need to scan the universe when they’re right overhead.

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