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Fact  How to Mark your threads

Information  stryder Offline
Occasionally you might want to post a new thread and it can be pretty contentious in this day and age.  Lots of people claiming things are a fact and others claiming to fact check.  Rather than getting into arguements over what is or isn't reality, it makes sense to have some way to caution thread viewers as to what the content of the thread is by the title alone.

The Thread Prefix can be used to do just that, it can warn or draw attention to your thread and make it a little easier to work out the content. 
Currently there is a limited pool of prefixes to use, however as people suggest them, I'll attempt to add them to the pool for all situations.

There is two type of prefixes that will be available...

Those that are reserved by the site (currently contains New, 365+ and Fact)
And those for everyones use: (Article, Research and Check)

It's suggest to use Article for identifying the thread is started from a source article, Research for when the thread is started due to a Research Paper and Check when the article/research or viewpoint isn't empirically backed (isn't fact checked against reputuable sources)

You can also use Post Icons to draw some attention too (although the current ones are a little lackluster)

Currently these prefixes are only viewable on the forum page (the one that lists the threads per subforum) and the thread itself.

(I'm still pondering if it will be too cluttering, if it's applied to every thread URL on the main forum page or the recent activity page)

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