Software Update [MAR/2023]

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Since I've been doing some slight alterations it was about time to bring in the software update that I'd held back on for a little while.

This includes bringing the forum software up to it's current level, as well as applying a higher version of PHP (considering the support for the older version is now obslete)  This will likely cause some glitches (I already caught one where a variable in the template is no longer usable and threw an error)

Keep an eye out for odd behaviour if you can, I'll try to squish bugs as they arise.

Incidentally it was the worst file merge I've done in a while, I'm getting sloppy.
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Many thanks for what you do to make this amazing forum happen.
I can see that any changes are like trying to fix a puncture while the wheel is still going round.
I doubt you'll ever get any complaints .. just thanks for keeping it going.
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Known bugs:
  • Post view count not updating in Subforum view (identified thanks to Kornee).
    The reason for the error is due to how embedded videos are parsed from a template. The template isn't an issue but the method of how the videos URL is broken down into fragments is, which causes a silent error to occur. The current error method seems to be to halt the script rather than continue running (this "Strict" method is likely used to stop damaging code from continuing to run, although whether it stops code injections from the video input prior to the halt or just halts the site code is still unknown)

    It's down to the change in the PHP version (newer versions attempt to be stricter, but it can cause problems with older code)

    No current ETA. (still trying to work out where in the process to insert, alter or hack)

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