Americans are among the most loving, Chinese and Germans the least

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EXCERPTS: An international team of nearly 100 scientists has conducted one of the largest studies on love of all time. Their work is published in the journal Scientific Reports.

[...] Interestingly, however, in countries with the highest levels of modernization, love tended to fall off slightly. “This suggests that, although a country’s economic development generally promotes more intense love experiences, reaching a certain developmental point might reverse these beneficial love effects,” the researchers commented.

It was also unsurprising that warmer countries also tended to have greater love levels. Higher temperatures encourage people to socialize more, wear more revealing clothing, and be more emotionally expressive.

What was surprising was that collectivism was correlated with stronger feelings. “In more collectivistic countries, love before marriage can be considered a ‘disruptive element’ motivated by selfish interest,” the authors noted.

Participants in the U.S., Italy, Portugal, and Hungary reported some of the most loving relationships, averaging close to an eight on the nine-point Triangular Love Scale, while participants in China, Germany, Turkey, and Pakistan reported some of the least — scoring between 6.5 and 7.4 points... (MORE - missing details)
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And we accordingly have a higher collectivist rating than even the communists now? Heh.

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