Getting closer to understanding why our moment of death is so peaceful (NDE style)

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EXCERPTS: . . . In 2016, a then-87-year-old man was connected to an electroencephalogram, or EEG, when he unexpectedly had a heart attack and died. Researchers later published the results in Frontiers of Aging Neuroscience.

An EEG measures electrical signals that the brain produces in order to help diagnose or examine certain neurological conditions like seizures and memory loss.

Sure enough, doctors were monitoring the man for a series of recent seizures when his heart suddenly stopped beating.

In the paper, researchers reported that during the 15 seconds leading up to the man's heart attack, the EEG scan revealed high-frequency brainwaves called gamma oscillations, which are thought to play a role in creating and retrieving memories.

"It is very hard to make claims with one case… but what we can claim is that we have signals just before death and just after the heart stops like those that happen in the healthy human when they dream or memorize or meditate," lead study author Dr. Ajmal Zemmar told Insider's Anna Medaris.

Of course, these scans are of a man seconds before death and not exactly equivalent to an NDE, where the person survives. However, such activity may help explain why people see memory flashbacks or faces of people they know during an NDE, Greyson said.

Moreover, EEG scans of people attempting to remember their NDE also provide more clues to what an NDE does to the human brain.

[...] When people recall an NDE, the brain "shows increased activity in many different parts," Greyson said, "such as those associated with memory, vision, hearing, and emotion." ... "That has led some people to believe that near-death experiences are simply biological, chemical reactions to the brain dying," San Filippo said.

[...] Some researchers think NDEs are just as much spiritual as they might be biological. Across different age groups and among people in different countries, reports of NDEs are strikingly similar, especially in regards to encountering a spiritual deity or feeling part of something bigger than life on earth, San Filippo said.

[...] While researching NDEs is a challenge because they're hard to predict, as researchers come to better understand these phenomena, it could inform new therapies and treatments for people facing terminal illnesses, and their loved ones... (MORE - missing details)
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“Why does every road eventually narrow into a point at the horizon? Because that's where the point lies.”
― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration
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Quote from article:
"For example, San Filippo said that people in his studies who have had an NDE and recall feeling calm and comforted during the experience report that they no longer fear death.
"If we can learn more about what causes a positive near-death experience that is comfortable and peaceful, we could possibly develop a powerful therapy for people who are in turmoil or struggling," Rasouli said.
Rasouli added that it could make the concepts of death and dying "become less mysterious and subsequently, less frightening" for us all.
"I think people benefit from hearing stories of NDEs and are comforted by the idea that death is a process and the pain ends," San Filippo said."

A case of being carefully selective then:
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Watched the movie Fury and there’s a scene where a soldier’s head gets shot off in an instant by a high velocity, recently fired tank shell. In real life don’t think anyone in that position is going to have a pleasant NDE or have the time for one. Are people using NDE to subtly suggest something religious or there is hope for an afterlife? Death is death, why should I be made to feel pleasant unless it really is painful? In which case death is a relief. Either way it’s sayonara.
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A long time friend who is very religious occasionally tries to convince me to 'return to the fold' via linking to sensational accounts of supposed 3-days or so dead 'eye witnessed' resurrections.
None of the accounts struck me as credible, especially the ones where the revived individual recounts being taken on a tour of both Heaven and Hell. Apparently it's especially important to believe in the reality of the latter.

I could never get through to him the raving insanity of simultaneously believing such a God is both infinitely Holy and Loving, while also the author, populator, and eternal sustainer of an abode of infinite unrelieved torment for billions of 'lost souls'.

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