Science won’t ever make philosophy or religion obsolete

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KEY TAKEAWAYS: As we come to understand the Universe to better precision and more comprehensively, many questions which were previously pondered by philosophical and religious thought-leaders grow to have definitive answers. However, the information we possess within our observable Universe is now, and will always be, finite and limited, implying that there's a fundamental limit to what's knowable. As long as we remain curious about the unknown and the unknowable, there will always be a place for philosophy and religion both, independently of whatever becomes scientifically known. Here's why... (MORE - details)
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Cynic's Corner: Heh. It's a done deal that they will endure even more so than before. Since the politicized offshoots of continental philosophy (18th & 20th century French philosophy with Marxist philosophy skewering in between) are incrementally taking science over at the administrative policies and educational levels. Which over time is also a backdoor to religious and folk beliefs creeping in (like indigenous creationism) as part of the thought orientations of marginalized population groups and oppressed non-Western cultures. Science is a sinking ship loaded with many politically snoozing practitioners who ironically won't even be "woke" as to what's transpiring until they're too engulfed in the water to escape or protest.
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Quote:Beyond all definite knowledge, there will always be room for philosophy. And when it comes to questions of purpose, meaning, or ideas that are in principle unable to be physically investigated, religion will always have a place as well.

There will always be a need for philosophizing and spirituality to confront the mysteries of consciousness/reality, good/evil, fulfillment/suffering, and life/death. As science continues filling its lavish coffers with more and more "how" knowledge and answers about the physical universe, the left out questions grow more stark and pressing. We turn to philosophy/spirituality for the meaning and belonging that science by its very nature has nothing to say upon. We take refuge from this desolate molecular starscape we are immersed in and live our lives as purposefully and as soulfully as we can.

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