Probably to be my one and only 'pithy wisdom' quote here at SV:

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I'm not stupid. Getting the cold shoulder owing to pointing out politically incorrect facts. Or pulling up former buddies for displaying poor form.
Hated and shunned for doing so. Such is life. Have a nice day and all that.
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I am reminded of the story about the young man who goes out into the desert in search of the ultimate truth. Finally he finds it. His search has lasted many years and he is now an old man. He has to get back to civilization to share his wisdom. On his way he encounters an even older man and thinks he can share his vision of the ultimate truth for the first time.
The conversation goes something like this:
"I have found the ultimate truth."
"O yeah. Which one?"
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Sounds like it could be a true story. Don't worry - I was just letting off steam in #1. Recent subtle hints maybe just coincidence or my imagination.
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There’s as much chance of finding the truth on the internet as a flea has crawling up an elephant’s ass with rape on its mind.
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OK. Let's take that provisional Truth on board and scratch the internet. Where is Truth with a capital T to be found then? Gazing at one's navel?
Oh almost forgot that earlier story - which Truth? Truth that actually matters? But who decides even that? Blah blah blah.....
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Theres empirical truth and subjective "trooth". Only one is the truth.

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