Why science suddenly has a lot to say about UFOs and UAP

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EXCERPT: . . . But these official projects are not what’s changing minds today. The greatest change is that we are finally able to start applying the scientific method to UAP. [...] While eyewitness reports can easily be dismissed as optical illusions, it is harder to explain away something observed using different methods and covering different parts of the spectrum.

A case in point is a paper recently posted on a scientific server by three scientists from the Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. For their study, Boris Zhilyaev and colleagues used two observation stations — one in Kyiv, and the other 120 kilometers away. Color video cameras recorded objects moving across the daytime sky at high speed, with exposure times set to just one millisecond and the frame rate set to no slower than 50 frames per second.

The cameras did record several hits. Some of the objects were luminous, while other very dark objects registered zero albedo, meaning they reflected no sunlight. What all of the objects shared in common, though, was that they were moving at extremely high velocities — up to 282 kilometers per second. Compare that with the Earth’s escape velocity of 11.2 km/s, which is the speed required to overcome our planet’s gravity and escape into space. No physical human-engineered object could get close to such velocities within the Earth’s atmosphere. Yet based on colorimetric methods, the scientists determined that the observed objects were only a few miles above our planet’s surface.

[...] Based on papers such as one published in 2010 by Harold Puthoff from the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin in Texas, we can theorize what the signatures of exotic propulsion systems might be. If a ship had a kind of warp drive capable of modifying the space-time continuum, nearby observers might see a blue-shift toward higher frequencies of light, observe time running faster, and feel the presence of anti-gravitational forces.

No doubt, we should be extremely careful with such speculation. Could the observations from Ukraine simply be the result of instrument malfunctions? Can we really be sure they represent physical objects in motion? The measurements seem consistent with each other, and one UAP was observed by both telescopes. But the authors still do not put these questions entirely to rest, so the answer for now is that no, we cannot be sure. But even if the observations turn out to be an artifact of the instruments themselves, that information would be useful... (MORE - missing details)
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Actually imo it's mostly the up close and personal experience encounters, of the kind I posted on here:
, that inherently reveal far more relevant info about the fundamental nature of UFO phenomena, than could ever be obtained with even the best array of high resolution instruments possible.
Instruments don't record distinct psychological manifestations like being watched, menacing presence, etc.

Poltergeist are good at that kind of thing. Though both UFO and poltergeist are mere labels for our ignorance of the masquerading supernatural entities behind it all.
Only a minority of even UFO buffs, notably Vallee and the late Hynek subscribe(d) to the supernatural angle, owing to their long and wide experience and integrative mindsets.
Setting them apart from the 'it's interstellar aliens' prevailing mentality among UFO buffs.

The scientific method approach described in the Big Think article is inherently materialist in bias and thus will never amount to more than expanding the 'fascinating stamp collection'.
To repeat that oft stated refrain yet again.

One exception being the value of accurate recording of atmospheric hypersonic speeds. Never with accompanying sonic boom.
Despite the pseudo scientific guff about possible 'worm-hole/warp drives', that combo tells very clearly the objects are real but not fundamentally material in nature.
Yet can still reflect light and radar. Or even exhibit e.g. metallic solid object traits 'on demand'. Masterfully manifested 'projections' of some kind presumably.

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