Scrabble + extra fun rules

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While locked down we started playing scrabble and now play most evenings. From the outset Mrs C2 has been cursed with a poor set of letters and a tendency to sulk. So we've added rules to even things up..
1/ If you have six vowels you can put them back and get a new lot - Mrs C2's record for picking out 6 or more vowels is three times in a row.
2/ If you don't like your letters you have 2 'lives' which allow you to select another lot without penalty.
3/ Even more controversially .. you can look on the 'net to check a word is valid before you play it.

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I shudder to ponder how many games of _X_ have to played in the world for it to become statistically possible for particular persons to be "afflicted" with extraordinarily prolonged or frequently recurring "miracle" streaks of either bad luck or good luck.

But it's probably far, far less than how many lifeless and "aborted of complex life" star systems or even galaxies it required to make possible Earth's billions of years history of dodging cosmic menaces and nailing fortunate events.
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In these woke times we try to discourage the victory dance - particularly the loud, more elaborate and lengthy ones.
We used to play dominos. After a while she learnt every trick I knew and I didn't win a single game after that.
So now we play scrabble. After her lengthy run of bad luck the situation is changing and I find that I am the one experiencing a surprising lack of luck with the letters. If it carries on we may have to find a new game.
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Have a niece who considers herself pretty smart. Unfortunately her genius hasn’t materialized on the Scrabble board. Never lost to her and know from some serious intel that she can’t understand why I always beat her and that she still thinks it’s possible. With this in mind I accepted her recent challenge and to make it interesting she was allowed to make up any word as long as it had a vowel in it. A ‘Y’ was acceptable. It was close but I won again. She didn’t really want to make up words but when it appeared she was going to lose again, she tried two or three but to no avail. KISS Principle (Keep it simple stupid) works most of the time.

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