Sexual Activity Is on the Decline. Why are we having less sex? (stats)

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KEY POINTS: Recent studies are finding that Americans are having sex less frequently. The decrease in sexual activity preceded the COVID-19 pandemic and continued through the quarantine period of the pandemic. Reasons may include new internet mediums for sexual experience, increase in social media involvement, and a decline in romantic relationships. Future studies in a post-pandemic environment need to focus on sex-positive programs, definitions of sexual behaviors, and quality of sex ed.

EXCERPTS: The positive impact of sexual behaviors on health and relationships is considerable. [...] But it’s not just the United States where a decrease in sexual frequency has been noted; other nations that have also been shown to be in decline include Japan, Germany, Australia, and the UK. This decrease in frequency has been reported in both partnered and solo sex.

[...] Trends in sexual behaviors are important to understand. With sexuality being a foundational aspect of our social lives, well-being, and who we are as both individuals and social beings, it is pivotal that we acknowledge and seek to explain patterns within sexual trends. Having a more robust understanding of ourselves only serves to enrich our lives and the lives of others, especially when we can shed a light on those things that may negatively impact us... (MORE - missing details)
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My guess is that it might be associated with falling sperm counts in males and declining fertility among females. And that's probably got something to do with crashing birth rates that are well below replacement levels.

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