There's no scientific consensus on what 'growing pains' in children actually are

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EXCERPTS: The term 'growing pains' has been used for hundreds of years to describe aching sensations many children experience in the course of their development. For such a widely accepted concept, however, there's surprisingly little to define the diagnosis.

Indeed, the term is so overly simplistic, some researchers say it's virtually meaningless. A recent review of literature on growing pains found no scientific consensus on any aspect of the condition, including when the pain starts, where it occurs, how often it hurts, how much it hurts, or even why.

[...] "This lack of clarity along with the generally accepted view that pathophysiology is unknown raises the possibility that 'growing pains' is a misnomer," the authors of the review write. This probably hasn't done a whole lot of damage, given that growing pains appear to be benign and treatable, but it is surprising to note that such a commonly cited condition remains shrouded in so much mystery and myth.

Because scientists know so little about it, the authors of the review say doctors and researchers should be specific about their clinical criteria when diagnosing someone with growing pains... (MORE - missing details)

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