Reinventing the airship + Is Boeing Starliner better than SpaceX Crew Dragon?

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Reinventing the airship for the 21st-century

INTRO: Sergey Brin turned internet search into one of the world’s most valuable businesses more than two decades ago. Now he intends to improve a technology which had its heyday long before he was born.

Brin and his team of engineers' plan is to do this by reinventing a much older, if improved technology. A new generation of airships – the lighter-than-air craft that don't need conventional airports – will be built in a corner of Ohio which played a unique part in the history of aviation. What's more, if built they will be housed in one of America's most iconic structures, the Goodyear Airdock in Akron.

Airships could help speed up the delivery of aid in disaster zones, carry air cargo much more cheaply than air freighters, and cut aviation emissions. However, similar projects in the past have struggled to overcome the complex engineering challenges involved, and have either run out of money, or left potential customers disillusioned... (MORE - details)

Somehow NASA just realized Boeing Starliner is BETTER than SpaceX Crew Dragon...

INTRO: Boeing has spent more than a decade and covered losses of more than half a billion dollars trying to build the CST 100 Starliner, a class of two partially reusable spacecraft designed to transport crew to the International Space Station and other low earth orbit destinations. It's fallen far behind its sister commercial crew spacecraft Dragon by several years. On track, could this lag be offset by better technologies than Dragon? It's the time to find out how Boeing starliner is better than SpaceX Crew Dragon. Well, to be fair, Starliner has some strengths of its own when compared to SpaceX Dragon...

Jun 20, 2022 - Somehow NASA just realized Boeing Starliner is BETTER than SpaceX Crew Dragon...
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I remember the Goodyear blimp visiting our area of Texas back when I was a kid. Big flashing screen of images and messages on the side. I'd like to see airships make a come back. They're fun to watch and I imagine even funner to ride.

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