Scientists accidentally create angry hamsters (pet hobbies)

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KEY POINTS: Of all rodents, hamsters have a social organization and stress response that is most human-like. To study aggression in hamsters, a team of scientists used gene editing to create what they thought would be a calmer rodent. Instead, the gene-edited rodents were angrier — chasing, biting, and pinning down other same-sex hamsters. The research underscores that the field of behavioral genetics has a long way to go... (MORE - details)
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GB News video (not the one below):

Scientists accidentally created super aggressive hamsters ...
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First hamster my kids had as a pet was a bit on the angry side. I called him (Howard) Beale.
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My experience of hamsters is that it doesn't take much to tip them into the angry zone. I'd be wondering if whatever they edited might be causing (say) tingling feet and they are permanently pissed off by that rather than they have actually hit the angry gene.
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i too would be angry if someone stole some of my jeans

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